Where you want us. When you need us.

Local staff to meet your needs.
With offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, we have exterior property maintenance teams ready to deliver professional services to your property at a moment’s notice. We make this possible by running a 24-hour call center out of every area we serve and employing responsive, knowledgeable professionals from your area. Each location has an extensive inventory of the best equipment in the industry, ensuring we have the right tool for the job in the right location. Additionally, Reliable Property Services holds all of our locations to the same high set of standards so you know the process and team in your area will provide uniform, value-oriented services.

Customized, on-spec services.
Reliable Property Services has the capabilities to service any job, large or small. We customize our operations and management models to deliver service at the specifications you require. We call this process on-spec. On-spec ensures that we have the right equipment, materials and crew members to handle the snow and ice management issues that arise throughout the season. Through our data collection efforts, we can spot trends and inefficiencies as they occur. We keep our customers informed of these issues and recommend adjustments to the specifications when needed. Reliable Property Services is dedicated to providing our clients with a level of service that is specifically designed for your location.

Moreover, we’ve taken additional lengths in our snow and ice contracts to ensure customer satisfaction. Typically, there are two types of snow and ice management contracts: time and materials — called hourly or per-time — and seasonal — a flat monthly fee for services regardless of snowfall. At Reliable Property Services, we understand that each client is unique.  We offer several unique contract types to fit your tolerance for weather volatility and risk. We not only offer the typical contract types but have also created insured products and refund programs that gives our clients the security to stay within their budget while taking away the fear associated with volatile snow levels.

Communicating through technology.
Reliable Property Services delivers a superior customer experience through the use of technology to communicate, track our progress and deliver in-depth information to our clients regarding their properties and facilities. Our proprietary internal data warehouse stores historical information on nearly every commercial property we service or have serviced in the last 30 years, giving our customers a site history to benchmark our value proposition.

Our adoption of GPS technology on our trucks helped modernize our industry by making it more accountable and increasing transparency. Our innovative use of tablet computers in the field has set the standard for data collection in our industry, giving our clients and our field crews instantaneous access to site information, data and job progress.

A reputation of dependability.
Since 1983, we’ve been delivering unfailing, consistent property maintenance to clients throughout the upper Midwest. Over the past 30 years we’ve established ourselves as a leader in snow and ice management and lawn and landscape management for contracts as small as a single church or as large as multi-location retail companies. We’ve maintained this reputation by partnering with each of our clients to determine how we can best serve each of their locations and assessing our performance throughout every contract.

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